Monday, June 29, 2009

Pudding Frosting

I think this recipe came from Kristin's mother in law years ago. It's a great alternative to regular frosting because it's light and fluffy and not too sweet. There are so many different cake and pudding flavor combinations to try.-Sarah

2 boxes instant pudding
2 cups milk
8 oz. Cool Whip

-Mix pudding and milk with a whisk until thickened. Fold Cool Whip into pudding.

One of my favorite ways to use this cake is on a pudding cake. I bake a regular cake mix in a 9x13 pan and cool it completely. Then poke holes in the cake with the end of a wooden spoon. I spread a small box of instant pudding, made according to the directions, over the cake and spread it over and into the holes of the cake with a spatula. Then chill completely.

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