Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

This is awesome, it is like having salad and an awesome bread stick at the same time. This is so simple and the amounts are up to you. -Kristin

1 Pizza dough cooked and cooled a bit (recipe on blog)
8 oz. package softened cream cheese
Caesar Dressing
Romaine lettuce, diced
Red onion, diced
Tomato, diced
Diced, grilled chicken
Shredded Romano cheese
  • Beat together cream cheese and some Caesar dressing till creamy.
  • Spread over cooled crust.
  • In a bowl mix together the romaine, onion and tomato with some Caesar dressing.
  • Spread over cream cheese layer.
  • Top with diced, grilled chicken.
  • Sprinkle with shredded Romano cheese.

***I make this using just Caesar dressing and no cream cheese. -Kristin

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